Calendars As A Marketing Tool

Posted by Madison Perrin on Oct 11, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Keeping your service, product or brand name in sight of your customers is a major goal for businesses. If you can keep yourself in the front of your customer’s mind, they’ll use you more. Right? Well, that’s what we think, anyways.

Technology has changed the way we live so much so that we hardly ever hold a real calendar any more. That’s okay, though, because even while their platform may be changing a bit, calendars are still a great way to market your brand, cheaply and effectively.

Think of all that you can do with a calendar… Basically anything. Calendars have high quality imagery, forthcoming events, infographics, etc.. If you want something on your calendar, there’s a way to make it work.

So, the next time you’re trying to think of a way to get your name in your customer’s minds, send them a free calendar. Here’s how you do it effectively:

  1. Include calls to action by including season events, special offers, phone numbers, and website URLs.
  2. Direct people to your social media channels
  3. Remind your customers of any forthcoming events they can attend
  4. Include leaflets or infographics
  5. Include dates for your next newsletters or magazines
  6. Include promotional materials, exclusive to the calendar recipient 

The beauty of a calendar is that you have free artistic range, and twelve whole months to work with. Not only will whomever you send it to see it every day, but also whoever goes into their office, or wherever they keep it, will see the calendar you created, thus increasing your reach. A calendar that looks good, works as it should, and spreads your brand name is a powerful, and economical marketing tactic that you should give a try.


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