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5 Ways to Use Instagram to Build Your Business’ Online Presence

Instagram is a photo- and video-sharing social networking service. The only way to utilize all of the platform’s features is by using their mobile app, although there is a feature-limited website interface as well. Instagram enables its users to...


How To Not Be A Spambot

Everyone knows that there are corners of their email inbox they dare not tread. Places where thousands of vaguely creepy emails from mysterious addresses and companies lay unopened for months, potentially going on years. These dark recesses are...

communication, design

The Unique Benefits of Variable Data Printing: No Two Snowflakes

The idea that printed material always has to come off the printer, each piece looking exactly the same, like robots or clones, is a myth that seems straight out of the infamous 80s Apple ad. The fact is that there are a lot of ways to change up...

sustainability communication, communication, energy efficient, recycling, environmental stewardship, sustainability, responsible printing

Kilowatts Up with the Print Sustainability Debate?

For years, factions of the internet have been engaged in a lively and thoughtful debate about the effects of printing on the environment. Some counter that digital reading, billing, and advertising is better for the health of the planet, as it...