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Education Marketing, direct mail, print

Donor Campaign Analytics With a Personal Touch

Just like in marketing, utilizing analytics for donor campaigns is essential in analyzing effectiveness and maximizing ROI. Technology affords us a myriad of options for manipulating data to identify trends, formulate strategies, and predict...

Education Marketing

The Tropes and Tricks of School Marketing

If you’ll remember, we posted recently about the struggle for our prep school and college clients to create marketing material for their younger audience. Young people are tricky to market to in general — the requisite tone, background info, and...

Education Marketing

5 Cool New Ways to Look at Paper


Sometimes, we get the sense that people still think that paper is stuck in the era of Bartleby the Scrivener. You know, the Herman Melville character? The one who wastes away in an office, his desk window overlooking a brick wall, refusing to...

Education Marketing

Do’s and Don’ts for Connecting to a Younger Audience

 Here at SPC, we work with a wide variety of clients marketing for a broad range of audiences. Each one has to take a different approach in order to match their audience’s tastes, and require different tactics on our end to provide the printed...