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The Bodies of Mothers

The Bodies of Mothers

We print a lot of different products, from point of sale packaging to brochures and ski trail maps. With our unwavering focus on the details of print production and arriving at the right combination of ink, design, color, and paper, we sometimes take for granted the significance of the finished product.

When we printed the first round of The Bodies of Mothers, published by Green Writers Press of Brattleboro, Vermont, we knew that we had stumbled upon something unique that would follow a different path. Replete with stunning, unaltered photography and vivid portrayals of mothers of all ages, this book is the first in a series titled, A Beautiful Body Project, from renowned photographer, Jade Beall. Her quest is to both celebrate women in their natural, postpartum state, and to contribute to a movement centered on encouraging women to embrace their innate beauty while building self esteem.

The 144 page, hardcover volume was published in May of 2014 and is a unique collection of black and white and color photos, stories, and essays of women, sharing their experiences of motherhood and all of the trials, tribulations, celebrations, and anxieties that go along with this bodily metamorphosis. In a world where Madison Avenue portrays the ideal woman as thin and flawless, the author uses her unique, unaltered photographic style to reinforce beauty in the reality of maternity, and fosters a renewed sense of security and self worth in women all around the world.

Already in its second print, this book continues a great relationship between Green Writers Press and Vermont-based printers like SPC who espouse a commitment to environmental stewardship in their operational practices. Further, it reinforces Green Writers Press’s mission to build a community around local writers, artists, and businesses who have a heightened awareness and concern for environmental and cultural issues that compromise our values and well-being.

Green Writers Press and SPC believe in the power of the printed word and its ability to deliver important, tactile messages of beauty and inspiration to readers worldwide. The Bodies of Mothers is both a beautiful and bold portrayal of ordinary mothers, and Beall displays a distinct talent for making her models at ease and unfettered while exuding self confidence, poise, and true inner beauty.

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