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Things to Do in Vermont in Spring

Things to Do in Vermont in Spring

We love working in Vermont – and working with other Vermont companies! Our friendly, local clients add a lot of joy to our jobs. Since even business can be fun here, you better believe that trips taken just for pleasure are even better! Whether you’re near or far, you might be surprised by how much there is to explore in our little Green Mountain State. 

With so many adventures to be had, we thought we’d split up our suggestions of the best things to do in Vermont by season. While this blog is being written, spring is tentatively waiting just around the corner, so let’s start there! Soon, our environment will begin to thaw. Although mornings and nights will likely be quite chilly for a bit longer, during particularly sunny afternoons, layers will be shed by those bold enough to head outside and brave what New Englanders like to call “mud season.” Below is a list of just a few Vermont activities, both outdoor and indoor, that are sure to cure any cabin fever symptoms leftover from the long winter months. 


This is the big one! The combination of those cold nights and warm days that we mentioned activate the flow of sap in our sugar bushes. That makes spring the perfect time of year to visit some Vermont sugar houses. You’ll have more than 3,000 to choose from, ranging in size between small, family-run operations that bring sap buckets in from the woods on horse-drawn sleighs to large, industrial producers who utilize cutting-edge reverse osmosis technology. Many sugar houses offer educational tours, especially during this peak season. These give you an opportunity to learn how maple syrup is made straight from the experts.

When we say “experts”, we mean it! Vermont is the nation’s leading distributor of maple products, generating over 50 percent of the country’s syrup. In 2022, our sugar makers produced a record 2.5 million gallons. That’s enough to fill four Olympic-sized swimming pools!

Along with sugar house tours, there are also a lot of maple-related special events hosted this time of year. If you’re a true sugaring enthusiast, you’ve got to check out the St. Albans Maple Festival! Whether you find yourself at a renowned fair or a shack in the forest, the most important part of the experience is getting a taste. You’ll find many more products than the syrup you’re used to eating on your pancakes, including maple cream, candy, sauces, and so much more. Don’t forget to grab extra of your favorites so you can share the maple love with your family and friends!


A winter sport in spring? Absolutely! Vermont typically gets more snowfall during the beginning of this season, especially at the tops of our many mountains. As temperatures rise, spring skiers are often blessed with “corn snow,” which is soft and granular. Resorts take full advantage of the reemerging sun by providing fun après-ski activities, often accompanied by live music. If you’re lucky, you might even score some awesome end-of-year discounts on lift tickets!


The even milder weather that arrives later in spring is perfect for hikes! You’ll get stunning views of budding trees and blooming flowers. Vermont is known as a great place to hike because we have miles and miles of trails, paths, and back roads stretching across the state. There are also 77 mountains here and five of them have summits higher than 4,000 feet! No matter your ability level, there are endless opportunities for exploring the great outdoors. 

Now, do you remember the previous mention of mud season? Please keep in mind that hiking in areas that are still super wet from recently melted snow can damage the surrounding ecosystems. Especially in early spring, it’s best to hike low-elevation trails as they typically dry out faster. 

It’s also important to remember that even as the season progresses, thanks to the cooler temperatures that are present when the sun goes down, you may still find snow and ice at various summits. Don’t be fooled by the weather at the base. Be sure to bring appropriate footwear and other warm gear with you.


If you’re ready to switch things up, hop in a SUV and road trip through Vermont’s many quaint towns filled with historic sites. One stop we recommend for history buffs is the Bennington Battle Day Monument, which was built to commemorate the event that was considered to be the turning point in the Revolutionary War. Similarly, the Lincoln Family Home, Hildene, is in Manchester, Vermont. The only child of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln to survive to adulthood, Robert, built and resided in this Georgian Revival mansion. If you visit the grand estate in spring, you’re sure to see some fantastic blossoms! 


Another option for those seeking a break from the outdoor activities is to check out the many artisan food shops around Vermont. Despite our love for maple, we have way more to offer than that! First, you absolutely must try cheeses in a state that’s home to so many dairy farms. Consider making your way along the Vermont Cheese Trail! Or, if your sweet tooth still isn’t satiated, try indulging in the unique offerings of our many chocolatiers, including Tavernier Chocolates and Laughing Moon Chocolates.


One annual event that you can’t miss if you’re visiting Vermont in June is the Quechee Hot Air Balloon, Craft & Music Festival. It is the longest running festival of its kind in New England! There are more than 15 hot air balloons on the fairgrounds, and you can even catch a ride in one! You have the option to soar through the skies or stay extra safely tethered to the ground. If you’re not one for heights, the sight of so many balloons in one area alone is worth the trip. Plus, there’s music, vendors, food, drinks, and other activities!

We must give credit to this great state and all the people in it for helping us provide excellent print service with a smile. While we do work with awesome people from all over, collaborating with fellow Vermonters is always an extra special treat. If you ever find yourself needing assistance with a print project in our neck of the woods, do give us a ring. Most importantly, enjoy your time here!

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