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Things to Do in Vermont in Summer

Things to Do in Vermont in Summer

One of the many benefits of working, living, and playing in Vermont is that we get to experience all four seasons. Although we sure do love spring, summer is absolutely beautiful here. If you like to enjoy nature on a temperate day and have never vacationed in the Green Mountain State during this time of year, you’ve got to change that! This is your sign to make time in your schedule to slow down and smell the mountain air. Vermont summers offer something for everyone. Whether you’re just passing through or you’re here full-time, check out our list of favorite summer activities below!



Waterfront pastimes may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Vermont since our state is technically landlocked. We may not have ocean access, but we have plenty of creeks, notable rivers, and over 800 lakes and ponds! In fact, some of these are quite large, such as Lake Champlain, which has more than 50 public beaches of its own. Lake Willoughby and Lake Dunmore are also renowned spots for swimming, boating, and a particular favorite amongst locals, fishing! 

This slower-paced water sport is a great way to unwind and relax. It’s affordable and inclusive – regardless of your age, gender, and ability level, you can fish! If you want to up the stakes, try your hand at the master angler program. The goal is to set a new Vermont state record by catching a fish that meets or exceeds the current maximum length or weight for their species. 

If you’re ready to get out on the water, the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department has a helpful and comprehensive database of access areas. Just be sure to purchase the correct license first. The good news is this process is super easy and can be completed online


If you prefer outdoor sports that don’t really involve wildlife, another great summer option is biking. Throughout Vermont there are plenty of low-traffic roads, rail trails, and public paths that are just perfect for cyclists! Enjoy lake views this way, or head away from rural areas and toward downtowns with ease. 

Those ready for more of a challenge may prefer mountain biking to street biking. Well, we’ve got options – our state has more than 1,400 miles of mountain biking trails! Kingdom Trails is perhaps the most popular choice in general. If you’re interested in hitting both the mountains and the streets, the Bennington Area Trail System and Perry Hill in Waterbury may appeal. Choose your adventure and go for it! 


The craft beer culture in Vermont is unreal, so much so that we’ve raved about it before! After all, we have the most breweries-per-capita. That totals up to more than 60 places you can visit to grab a refreshing summer afternoon brew. Some of the greats are The Alchemist (famous for their Heady Topper), Long Trail Brewing Co., and Hill Farmstead Brewery. You could make a whole day out of brewery hopping in Burlington as it is ranked one of the best beer cities in the country – be sure to include Zero Gravity Brewery and Foam Brewers in your stops. Whichever brewery you end up at, we recommend trying a New England IPA since Vermonters are credited for creating this beer style. They pair nicely with days on the lake and long bike rides! 


In the summer, there’s no better place to shop or stop for a snack than one of Vermont’s many farmers markets. There are about 85 that take place during this time of year. Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont’s website makes it easy to find the markets closest to you. Items you’re likely to find include fresh fruits and vegetables, pickled and preserved produce, local maple and dairy products, plus arts and crafts. Sometimes you may even be lucky enough to catch some live music! Whether you’re running errands on your own, strolling with friends, or you have a gaggle of kids in tow, a farmers market is a great place to be! 


Another incredible place to eat this time of year, especially for those who love the farm-to-table experience, is the Red Barns at Kelly Way Gardens. They host popular dinners on select dates June through September. Also, they offer culinary programming and gardening classes! 

Plus, they provide an on-site holistic food supply for the Woodstock Inn & Resort, which is a great place to stay in general if you’re looking for one! However, anyone is welcome to stop by and tour the gardens, not just resort or dinner guests. With over 200 varieties of vegetables, 50 varieties of herbs and edible flowers, 75 varieties of berries and orchard plantings, a mushroom glen, and 200 varieties of cut flowers, there is certainly a lot to explore and taste on these three acres – but you absolutely cannot leave without taking a stroll beneath the Gourdwalk! 




Once you’re ready for a sweet treat, ice cream is the perfect seasonal option! Somewhere special you must go if you’re in the area is the Ben & Jerry’s Factory in Waterbury. This now global company that’s known for its unique and fun flavors was started right here in Vermont! You can tour the factory to get a behind-the-scenes look at where they make over 350,000 pints of their delicious desserts daily. Most importantly, you’ll get a free sample! 

Do you prefer soft serve? Don’t worry, we have a plethora of creemee stands! If you want the experience to be extra Vermont-y, go for the maple option. 


For those seeking something fun to do that isn’t entirely outdoors (other than eating), may we suggest a museum visit? Our state is filled with unique and stunning works of art. We recommend a trip to the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center later in the summer once they’ve installed new exhibits! Travel back in time to hear stories from near and far at history museums like the Ethan Allen Homestead and Billings Farm. Science centers such as ECHO, the Montshire, and VINS are perfect for children thanks to their tangible and immersive exhibits. If you’re in the area, both Shelburne Museum and Shelburne Farms offer an incredible amount to do on a summer’s day.

This is truly a magical time of year for Vermont locals and visitors alike. Even our workdays improve as we no longer need to brave frigid temperatures to start our cars in the morning or traverse down particularly muddy backroads to get to the print shop. What’s even more exciting is the promise that the ever beautiful and alluring foliage season is just around the corner...

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