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Web2Print: A Hive for the Busiest of Bees

Web2Print: A Hive for the Busiest of Bees

We always think that our Web2Print technology is great for busy-bee franchise and hotel managers, because here at SPC, we don’t think managers and honeybees are all that different. 

It seems like just a cute metaphor (all those buzzing creatures, like you, a manager working like crazy!), but there’s a deeper truth to the comparison. Neurobiologists have discovered that honeybee hives make decisions in similar ways to individual neurons in monkey brains — a huge group acting as one, organized “for building groups far smarter than the smartest individuals in them.” The hive mind is real!

And while we definitely believe that franchise owners and managers are smarter than your average honeybee (or 40,000 of your average honeybees in your average hive), we also know that they need a lot of organization for each individual to act for the collective good. This is especially true in the corporate world, where maintaining a unified brand is a key part of any good outreach. How do you make sure that everyone’s sending the same message in the same ways, all while everyone’s buzzing about on their own business?


That’s where Web2Print (W2P) technology can really come in handy, because it’s all about centralizing the process around a single hub — the hive mind in action. Marketing managers can work with us to build a custom web to print portal, where they can store, print, and distribute their frequently-used marketing collateral to franchisees worldwide. Managers can also determine all the designs available to print, as well as setting user privileges and preferences to control and track how much their coordinators spend on printed material. This streamlining helps to establish a quick system that clients can return to, again and again. All the moving parts can keep moving at their own speed, but Web2Print allows for a consistent marketing system for franchise owners and managers to fall back on when they really need it.

One client, a nearby resort, uses a custom Web2Print portal for all the printed materials in their lobby, rooms, conference rooms, and spa — whenever they need to refresh their stock, they can just come back to the portal, and all their original designs (with all their original specifications) can be reordered for a fresh print job with fast turnaround and fulfillment. There’s no need to go back to the drawing board for every new order — we assume the honeybees would say: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. After all, honey has been the same (sweet) thing for a long time!

With W2P, a marketing manager never has to do any guesswork. The franchises themselves can use the portal on their own timetable, which is usually much faster than traditional print orders, because franchises can skip the prep work that a unique order would require.

So everyone wins: the marketing managers in their quest for a consistent brand on a budget, and franchises in their effort to get the materials they need, when they need it, with as few complications as possible. Business keeps humming along, and that’s sweet music for SPC’s ears — not quite as sweet as honey, but as close as we can get with a printing press.

If you have any questions, feel free to visit our website or give us a call.

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