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Water & Light: S.R. Stoddard's Lake George

It’s had several names over the centuries. Native Americans referred to it as Andia-ta-roc-te. James Fenimore Cooper thought that was too difficult to pronounce, so he called it Horicon. Finally, in a stroke of creative genius, Sir William...


Self-Publishing in Vermont is Alive and Well

Have you ever grabbed a book off a shelf and thought, “How did this get here?” It’s a fair question considering how many publishing and printing options are available to writers these days. One huge choice an author has to make is if they would...


Has Social Media Killed the PR Star?

     The time was 12:01 A.M, the year 1981. If you were in-the-know enough to have your TV dialed to a certain never-before-used channel, you would have seen the Buggles’s music video performance of Video Killed the Radio Star flash on the tube....

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The Bodies of Mothers

We print a lot of different products, from point of sale packaging to brochures and ski trail maps. With our unwavering focus on the details of print production and arriving at the right combination of ink, design, color, and paper, we sometimes...