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Working hard and playing some.

We've all heard the term before; "working hard and playing hard." At SPC we work hard all the time. We always have projects in the queue and we pursue them with a high level of attention to detail that keeps us busy on even smaller projects. That level of attention and heightened awareness is present in all departments, whether it's prepress, scheduling, digital or offset printing, and fulfillment. A drop of the ball in any of those departments will throw a wrench into the execution of a print project and require extra attention, extra time, extra money, and the potential of delayed delivery. That's why we're so relentless with working hard on process from project inception to completion.

But, we do have the ability to play, too. It's not necessarily hard playing, though every team has at least one closet hard-player that can bring it out when given the opportunity. Our playing can be as benign as yucking it up at our monthly team barbecue lunch or bringing out the stops with vigor at our Halloween version of it. Much planning goes into the Halloween version and our otherwise calm, focused, and borderline-stoic team emerges unrecognizable as animals, vending machines, television characters, and old people.

So while we may not necessarily play hard, we do like to play and take fun breaks from the rigors of delivering high quality print communications material to our clients; it's what keeps us cohesive as a team when the work beckons.

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