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Contactless Society: Cause for Concern?

Considering today’s society, it’s extremely likely that each person reading this blog has had numerous “contactless experiences” at this point. What exactly does that mean? By definition, a contactless experience is one where a consumer does not...

How to Provide Excellent Customer Service in 2023

Even though there is an increasing demand for excellent customer service among today’s consumers – who have come to expect quick and painless experiences – companies that provide speedy assistance and attentive care are in short supply. Customer rage

Corporate Integrity & Customer Service Today

Integrity is defined in the dictionary as "the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles." A lot of us strive to have personal integrity, but these days it seems to be missing from the corporate world. This was not always the case,...

Becoming a Customer Service Pro

Unless your company is a powerhouse, or the first in its field, you need more than a flawless product to be successful. The better half of any business is customer service. And we’re not just talking good customer service, we’re talking great...