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A Millennial Marketer On His Generation’s Paradox

I am in the weird, perhaps contradictory position of being a marketer and a millennial at the same time. It’s a role that has some power: Millennials are by far the most coveted contemporary demographic for marketers like me. With 75 million of...


Web2Print: A Hive for the Busiest of Bees

We always think that our Web2Print technology is great for busy-bee franchises, because here at SPC, we don’t think franchises and honeybees are all that different. 

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The Tropes and Tricks of School Marketing

If you’ll remember, we posted recently about the struggle for our prep school and college clients to create marketing material for their younger audience. Young people are tricky to market to in general — the requisite tone, background info, and...

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Green with Envy: Nobody Wins in the Paper vs. Digital Fight

It’s a story as old as the Industrial Revolution, and practically as old as the Gutenberg Bible: the paper mill eating up countless beautiful trees, just to produce reams of paper that only get thrown out anyway. Our majestic forests ending up...


Has Social Media Killed the PR Star?

            The time was 12:01 A.M, the year 1981. If you were in-the-know enough to have your TV dialed to a certain never-before-used channel, you would have seen the Buggles’s music video performance of Video Killed the Radio Star flash on the...


How To Not Be A Spambot

Everyone knows that there are corners of their email inbox they dare not tread. Places where thousands of vaguely creepy emails from mysterious addresses and companies lay unopened for months, potentially going on years. These dark recesses are...

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5 Cool New Ways to Look at Paper


Sometimes, we get the sense that people still think that paper is stuck in the era of Bartleby the Scrivener. You know, the Herman Melville character? The one who wastes away in an office, his desk window overlooking a brick wall, refusing to...

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The Unique Benefits of Variable Data Printing: No Two Snowflakes

The idea that printed material always has to come off the printer, each piece looking exactly the same, like robots or clones, is a myth that seems straight out of the infamous 80s Apple ad. The fact is that there are a lot of ways to change up...

Education Marketing

Do’s and Don’ts for Connecting to a Younger Audience

 Here at SPC, we work with a wide variety of clients marketing for a broad range of audiences. Each one has to take a different approach in order to match their audience’s tastes, and require different tactics on our end to provide the printed...