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Dan Evans

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Water & Light: S.R. Stoddard's Lake George

It’s had several names over the centuries. Native Americans referred to it as Andia-ta-roc-te. James Fenimore Cooper thought that was too difficult to pronounce, so he called it Horicon. Finally, in a stroke of creative genius, Sir William...

Measuring Direct Mail ROI

Marketers have always struggled with ways to measure ROI in their advertising and direct mail expenditures. Tossing ad dollars into the wind to see where they land does not provide a sustainable level of comfort for today's CMO.

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Donor Campaign Analytics With a Personal Touch

Just like in marketing, utilizing analytics for donor campaigns is essential in analyzing effectiveness and maximizing ROI. Technology affords us a myriad of options for manipulating data to identify trends, formulate strategies, and predict...


The Rebranding of System Blue

Marching with the famed Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps takes stamina, persistence, and discipline. Participants are often referred to as musician/athletes, because their roles within the group are so demanding on both levels.


Determining Your Marketing Budget

For many businesses, coming up with a marketing budget number is simple math. They determine the percentage of sales revenue that they are willing to devote to advertising and promotion and multiply that percentage by last year’s sales or this...

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Three Stakeholders with Passions for Print

When you combine the talents of three stakeholders who have passions for print, the smell of ink on fine paper, and the tactile nature of printed material, wonderful things can happen. Such was the case when Tilton School embarked on an ambitious...


Web2Print - Less Disdain, More Print

Last month I was on a Tweet Chat with the @printchat group, a gang of print industry enthusiasts that meet on Twitter Wednesday afternoons. As usual, the topic drifted to the future of print and where the hot spots would be for growth and...


Test, Track, Measure, Adapt - Digital Direct Mail

How do you know if your marketing efforts are successful? How do you know if the investment you’ve made in promoting your business is paying off? The key is to test, track, measure, and adapt your digital direct mail campaigns.

Surveys tell us...

Working hard and playing some.

We've all heard the term before; "working hard and playing hard."At SPC we work hard all the time. We always have projects in the queue and we pursue them with a high level of attention to detail that keeps us busy on even smaller projects. That...