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The Rebranding of System Blue

Marching with the famed Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps takes stamina, persistence, and discipline. Participants are often referred to as musician/athletes, because their roles within the group are so demanding on both levels.


A Millennial Marketer On His Generation’s Paradox

I am in the weird, perhaps contradictory position of being a marketer and a millennial at the same time. It’s a role that has some power: Millennials are by far the most coveted contemporary demographic for marketers like me. With 75 million of...

Cheers to Vermont!

Why we’re so happy to be printing in the craft beer capital of the world


Web2Print: A Hive for the Busiest of Bees

We always think that our Web2Print technology is great for busy-bee franchises, because here at SPC, we don’t think franchises and honeybees are all that different. 

Print Project Planning

A successful print project is no accident. It starts with a well thought out plan and ends with a well-executed product. No matter what kind of project you have going on, you must have a thorough and detailed plan in place in order for it to go...


The iGen-ie 5 Grants Wishes...

Imagine being able to order beautiful, short-run, high quality and fast turn printed collateral. Sounds like a wish come true, doesn’t it? Well, it is. SPC's new iGen-ie 5 digital press allows for all that and more.

Dreamy, high quality digital...

6 Metrics to Track When Measuring Your Marketing Effectiveness

For content marketers, metrics provide us with the information we need to survive. They tell us how many people are seeing the content we put out, what they’re doing with it, and whether they like it or not. Based on that information, we learn...


Determining Your Marketing Budget

For many businesses, coming up with a marketing budget number is simple math. They determine the percentage of sales revenue that they are willing to devote to advertising and promotion and multiply that percentage by last year’s sales or this...

Is There a Difference in Reading Comprehension?

Is there a difference between reading words typed on a screen and those on a printed page, beyond the disparity in material form? If so, how does this affect the way our brains process the information we read? Surprisingly, these are not new...


Paper is a Design choice

In the beginning stages of your designing process, you should focus on choosing paper first. Choosing the right paper to use for your promotional material might sound like a no-brainer, but it’s one of the most important details in your design....